Monday, July 7, 2014

Welcome back the lovely Miss A'ndrea!

Did you miss me? I have been in a summer slump... Upon my return from Lori Foster's Reader and Author Get Together (RAGT) I began training for my new promotion at work (just wrapped up and am loving my new role BTW) and then came all the other day to day monotony... In other words, I got lazy. So what better way to reemerge and get my tushy back into gear than to help another awesome author launch her newest book release! 

A'ndrea Wilson stopped by a few months ago so I don't think introductions are necessary (see archives for previous post) so instead, let's get down to the real reason she is here, her newest book: Singles 101!

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Singles 101 Synopsis

Final Exam Question #4
Is a singles conference in Sin City a smart way to save souls or a set-up for a scandalous setback?

What happens in Vegas . . . may not stay in Vegas.

The characters you love—and love to hate—return for the fourth installment of the Wife 101 series! The Woods are up to their old tricks again, this time hosting a faith-based singles conference in the last place in the world any single person could stay out of trouble—Las Vegas, Nevada. Enticed by the excitement of the “second city that never sleeps,” Eric and Amber Hayes convince their unmarried friends and family to attend the conference in hopes of resolving the current chaos in their individual lives.

High school principal Tisha Dawson feels bamboozled when her plans for career advancement are blocked by the superintendent’s decision to place her at the worst school in the district. A trip to Las Vegas is just the distraction she needs while debating whether to wage a war against her boss and the county school board or walk away from a 15-year tenure. Nelson Hayes prides himself on being the ultimate ladies’ man. But when the one woman he’s never gotten over suddenly resurfaces in his life, it will take Vegas and a lot of prayer to pick up his broken pieces. Lena Henry is still sulking over her unfulfilled life and ring-less left hand. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, she jumps on the opportunity to experience the high stakes of Vegas, and to finally prove to her ex that he picked the wrong woman to marry.

All night parties, casinos that never close, and access to any adult fantasy one could ever imagine, these unsuspecting singles have only six days to choose between the allure of Sin City and being sinners saved by grace.  

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  1. Stopping by to support an author who I believe will quickly become one of my favorites. LOVE the synopsis.