Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Conferences, conventions, and book signings oh my!

     Thursday morning can't get here soon enough. Why you ask? Well, I will be heading south to West Chester, Ohio (a suburb of Cincinnati) for the tenth annual Lori Foster's Reader and Author Get Together or RAGT for short. This year will be my third year in attendance but my very first year as a published author, the first time I will participate in the book signing, the first time I will be apart of discussion panels. Holy shit- fans will want to meet me!!! I think I just hyperventilated... Maybe not.

     I've been planning this since last June when RAGT 2013 came to an end because I knew what would happen this year. This year my badge would say "AUTHOR" not "READER" like the previous years. Technically last year I was also an author, but since Illuminated wasn't scheduled to be released until August I attended as a reader. Fast forward twelve months and here were are, less than forty hours to go until I leave to see old friends and make new ones.

     In past years I shared a room with my dear friend Mary Quast and I was so sad to hear she wasn't able to come this year and be my roomie again. But change keeps life interesting so I found a new roommate, Morgan, and am super excited to finally meet her in person. Now all that's left to do is pack my suitcases, load my car up with all the swag I ordered for my readers, the baskets I'm raffling off, and my trusty laptop and be on my merry way. OMG I am so freaking excited!

     You may be wondering what I decided to give away, hopefully some pretty cool stuff! I had t-shirts made with my book cover on the front, I had two different custom blended soaps made so now you will all know how good my characters smell, and three different baskets one of which will have a Nook e-reader that will all be raffled off! Awesome right? I am hoping that I will win a basket or two (my first year I won four!) and get some great books that I can give away when I get back, after all I love to share!

    Catch you all when I get back next week! Happy reading!

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