Sunday, January 25, 2015

T minus 31 hours and counting...

So it is 11:25 pm CST Sunday as I begin writing this post. Tomorrow at this time I will not be allowed to eat or drink anything more. I will have packed a bag with a few necessities to take to the hospital with me, you know, my pillow, my phone charger, my Kindle, and my toiletries. Before bed I will take a shower and use special soap to reduce the amount of bacteria on my skin.

Tuesday morning I will be getting up at 3:00 am to take another shower and use more of the soap, then putting on clothes that I will have laundered the day before. My husband will drive me to The Ohio State University Hospital so I can check in by 5:00 am for my 7:00 am surgery.

I have been sticking to my diet. Getting used to four protein drinks a day with my meal, fruit, veggies, and lots of water has not been as difficult as I first thought it would. The diet started on the 9th so I have been doing it for 16 days so far, one more day to go. I discovered my scale was not accurate a few days in so I can not be sure, but from what I know I have lost at least 19 pounds. Yay me.

I even decided to start taking pictures of my progress. Every Friday I take photos of myself from the front, back and each side in the same outfit (purple Under Armor sports bra and gray Under Armor tight shorts) as much as I can in the same spot so I can track the changes in my body accurately. Maybe if I get brave enough one day I will make a collage and post them... Who knows... That alone is enough to scare the shit out of me, letting others see me, see my body go through all of these changes, yikes...

I will be off work for a little while, two to six weeks. During that time I will not only be recovering and transforming but learning to nourish and exercise my new body. It will be weird I am sure. Then there is the fun part... The new clothes. Currently I own one pair of jeans. I have refused to buy another pair since I knew this was coming and I felt like it would be a waste of money. Can't wait to get a new pair!

Yes, I am scared. And excited. And nervous. And most importantly- ready.

I am ready.

Monday, January 5, 2015

New direction for the new year


Now that we got that out of the way... So there's this pesky little tradition where every December 31st we are supposed to come up with at least one New Year's resolution, something that we will resolve to do better or start doing to kick off the start of a new year. Its a fabulous idea. Stop smoking, pay off debt, be nicer, read 100+ books in a year, then there's the big one... lose weight.

I myself have set numerous New Year Resolutions (can we just call them NYRs already?) and have even managed to keep a few, the big ones for me? I got my first book published and quit smoking. I am pretty proud of myself for that one, going on three years and no temptations to start again! Sometimes I set NYRs, other years I don't. Realistically setting a NYR, especially if you do it just because it is that time of year, you will not be successful unless you are motivated. Staying pumped and on track is not easy either. Let's just use dieting for this example... Temptations are around every corner, commercials advertising a multitude of ways to sabotage your weight loss ***food, glorious food*** and time is always an enemy. Not enough time for the gym, grocery shopping, food prep, cooking (all of which mean you get to avoid fast food/restaurants), and god forbid you have kids, a spouse, a job, and other responsibilities. At least the big feasting holidays are over...
So get to the point of your blathering you say? We already know this you say?

Okay okay!!

I didn't set a NYR this year. Why? It felt like cheating. Huh? Let me explain.

Last June, June 26th to be precise, my mom, my husband, and I attended an information session at the Ohio State University Medical Center. There I met Dr. Sabrena Noria and a myriad of others on her staff and began the official process of having bariatric surgery done. I have been considering this for many years, but until now have not been ready to do it. A few days later I submitted the application to enroll in their program after eliminating two others, then mid August I (successfully I might add) completed my mandatory psych evaluation and was then moved on to the next step, pre-screening for a bunch of health tests and general check up, an appointment with my dietitian, and meeting to cover my progress and what was yet to come in early September.

So far I have had (and passed) a ton of blood work, an EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy, phew!), an EKG (electrogardiogram), an overnight oximetry test, and completed four education classes. Then at the end of November I received a phone call from my case manager at OSU saying that she was submitting my case for final approval to my insurance company. I was in the home stretch... Then on December 10th at 8:30 am the call I'd been waiting for for months came... I was approved. My next few appointments were scheduled right then.

January 8th I meet with the dietitian and Dr. Noria. I will be put on "The Liver Shrink Diet" (sounds lovely doesn't it?) for three weeks and get my final instructions prior to surgery.

January 13th I meet with the anesthesiologist.

January 27th Surgery.

I have decided to have the gastric sleeve that will mean my stomach will be reduced to the size of a small banana, the rest cut away and removed. Seeing as today is the 5th, I have only a few days left to eat normal food before my life will change for the rest of my life. I am not pigging out (I have been sick with a sinus and ear infection for days now) and will eventually be able to eat some of my favorite foods on occasion, only very small portions of them. No more soda. No more junk. I am already on a restricted diet due to Celiacs and IBS so I am fine with all of this if it means I get to be healthier.

So here is to my new me in 2015 without a NYR...