Friday, June 22, 2018

Catching up.

I don’t even know where to pick up in all honesty as it has been so long so here goes nuthin.

Shenanigans are rampant- crazy is running amok. Now you’re all caught up. ***Warning*** This post will be a touch all over the place. Try to keep up.

 But seriously folks my life is as insane now as it always has been, now I get to include two cats we’ve adopted (Sir Nimbus joined our family a few months ago and Miss Onyx became part of our family last summer). We are all a bit older and it is still undecided whether or not we are wiser. There have been job changes for both my husband and myself, he to an entirely new company (he went from designing the interiors of ambulances to designing fire truck components) and I changed departments at my same company. Both of my older sons have moved out leaving my family down to the 15 and 17 year olds at home with us. Gah- in just a few short years we’ll be empty-nesters and still in our 40’s... woah.

I’ve become Twitterfamous for a day, well, at least in my own twisty mind, since the hysterical TJ Miller liked and retweeted my twits? Tweets? Whatevs. I adore him. And I have yet to complete the two novels I’ve had in progress for years nor have I re-edited Illuminated as my publisher closed shop and reverted rights back to me. Call me jaded or what have you but I just can’t seem to find the will nor the want to dive into that pool just yet. I will. I promise. At least I keep telling myself I will. Time goes past slowly but looking back it seems as though it just happened. Funny how that works.

I am fully engaged in my small garden however and am at ease with my hands in the dirt. I guess you can say it centers me. Which I am always in need of with the crap I deal with on a regular basis. Writing used to do that for me, hopefully one day very soon it will again. Until then, I shall play in the earth. As of late I find myself drained, exhausted. Not just tired, but wiped out. I hate the feeling and have tried several things to get me going again, mostly medications, but I digress. Last year I made the choice to stop eating meat and go with a mostly plant based diet. That does make me feel better. I still eat dairy and eggs, and on the rare occasion seafood because ya know fish aren’t the same as birds and mammals (insert sarcasm here).

I’m sitting in my car right now on my lunch break enjoying the sun’s warmth, cause here in central Ohio we skipped spring and went directly from winter to summer. Anywhoo... a light breeze brought a soft rain and the smell of earth and water and fresh cut grass is just lovely. I really don’t want to go back inside but I must pay the bills and since I have yet to win the lottery or have fabulously wealthy relative leave me everything I must head inside to do what I do. If you are fabulously wealthy and need an heir- I’m here for you, just putting that tid bit out into the universe.

(Picked up two days later at 10:22 pm) Finally made it to Friday which is beyond wonderful as I am officially on vacation now until July 2nd. On Sunday we leave for Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN and normally I would not share that publicly but our home will not be empty as our two adult sons will be staying at our home cat sitting for us; so robbers beware they will be hopped up on junk-food, energy drinks, and all night video game binge sessions. Plus my mom will be here too to oversee their misbehavior AKA babysitting our house-sitters. Speaking of our cats, today was the one year anniversary that Miss Onyx came into our lives so I have decided that this is going to be the day we recognize as her birthday/adoption day.

Back to other stuffs...

In the past year and a half I've been diagnosed with more crap. Here is the most up to date list of syndromes/diseases/BS I get to deal with on a daily basis (in no particular order): Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Arthritis (spine and hips), Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Lymphocitic Microscopic Colitis, Diverticulitis, Chronic Migraines, Anxiety, Anemia, Vitamin D Deficiency, Celiacs, Degenerative Disc Disease. I know, you're jealous. At the moment I am having flares. My hands feel swollen and tight even though they look normal. My back is killing me. The joints in my arms (wrists, elbows, fingers, shoulders) are super weak and achey. I feel gutted- utterly exhausted like I could sleep for days. Even if I do sleep for ten plus hours, I have bags under my eyes. Today while at work, I felt nauseous, actually I have felt that way for weeks, but today, after having lunch I ended up on the floor under my desk hugging my trash can and puking in front of my co-workers. I knew you were jealous. I stayed until the end of my shift. No point in leaving. No point in complaining. And that isn't what I am doing now. Honestly. Just sharing and updating. It is what it is.

I see people constantly complain about their health and pain and problems on social media. I wonder what their motivation is. Attention? Release? Catharsis? Who knows and in all reality it isn't my business. If it makes them feel better, more power to them. It isn't for me. I have shared with some of them my thoughts, things I have done to help and find relief, blah blah blah, and still I see them online mentioning their troubles so I guess they like to share their misery with others for their own reasons. If I can help I will.

I can tell you this, being gluten free is not fun, cheap, a way to lose weight, or anything other than a great big pain in the ass. I do it because I get seriously sick if I don't. It is not an allergy. Gluten destroys my guts. I refer to myself as glutarded (sorry if that is offensive to anyone). I have found some great GF options and ways to alter traditional foods and recipes to be GF without costing me a fortune. Eating GF and vegetarian is not easy at all. Don't let anyone lie to you and tell you different. It is a HUGE pain in the tushy. But it is my life. Celiacs is not going away and my desire to eat meat is nil. Sooooo. There you have it.

My husband just walked in the room and looked at me puzzled, "you're on your laptop?" That's how long it has been since he's seen me write. Wow, that is an eye-opener for me. Time to change that. Nimbus (cat) just got his head stuck in my empty cup. I tried to catch it on video but alas I was not fast enough. Moments later, Onyx sprinted into the room from youngest son's room like his tail was on fire. Nimbus is obsessed, and I do mean obsessed with straws. He will go to the ends of the Earth to get a straw from you. Knock your cup over and drag it across the house if need be to free said straw. He has quite the stash. If I pick them up and put them in his laying box (box he lays in as cats frequently do) he will then get the straws and put them back where they were as if I should have known better. I mean, how dare I??? Onyx on the other hand could care less about laying boxes, straws, toys, or anything else cat related. The only exceptions are laser pointers, cat nip, and tuna. And when it comes to tuna it has to be tuna soup.

Tuna soup you are asking right about now. Yes. Tuna soup. That is what I call it anyway. She will only eat tuna when it is mixed with water making a sort of soup. Nasty I know. But that is what she wants so that is what she gets. Nimbus on the other hand will eat tuna like a normal cat. He is super playful. He likes all the toys. All the normal cat things and then some. However he also is into some odd stuffs too. For instance, you may be wondering why his name is Nimbus. He got it because he is fond of chewing on my handmade (and very expensive) brooms. So he is named after Nimbus 2000 in Harry Potter, not the type of cloud. Onyx was named after the gem stone as they are both black in color. And beautiful. And I love crystals and I love her. Nimbus also doesn't meow. He makes this odd chirping sound. He can meow. I have heard him do it twice when I put him into the pet carrier when I took him to the vet. He also makes a strange whooshing sound. I've posted clips on my facebook page. The kitties have brought so much joy to our home as well as healing. The main reason I started wanting to get an animal was how much we missed Brutus since his death. The love they have given to us has been unmatched. Healing is underway. One day we will be ready for another dog. Not yet. But one day. So I am too tired to keep writing for now. Bit I will write more. I promise. I do! So here are my kitties and you have my word I will do better. Good night.

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