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Madison Sevier, come on down!

     When I decided to start blogging it was a complete stranger who happened to be with the same amazing publisher I am with that answered my distress call and walked me through the basics. I have been grateful ever since and tonight I can finally thank her in my own small way by sharing her newest release LONG OVERDUE, RIVER JEWEL RESORT, BOOK 3 , I still owe you a drink, LOL. Please welcome the lovely Miss Madison Sevier while she visits with me. 

Maybe we should open with some get to know you Q & A , I for one love learning interesting tid-bits about my favorite authors so hopefully these are some new ones that you all haven't seen before a hundred times...

     Q: So Madison, what is your favorite genre to read? To write?

     MS: My favorite to read consists of a lot. I love Rom-Com, Cozy Mysteries, Erotic Romance and Paranormal-Erotic Romance. And I enjoy writing all of the same genres.

Q: When did you first know you wanted to write?

MS: I first knew I wanted to write when I was in kindergarten. I wanted to "make the books".

Q: What is the strangest thing to inspire you or your writing?

MS: The strangest thing to ever inspire me was actually a personal thing in my past.

Q: Do you ever include real life events or people in any of your books?

MS: Real people or events? Maybe--but I'll never tell. LOL.

Q: If you could collaborate with any other author, living or dead, who would it be and why?

MS: One person to collaborate with---VC Andrews or Dakota Cassidy. Because their writing has inspired me and filled my mind for years.

Q: Do you have any unique rituals when you are writing?

MS: Rituals--none really. I eat a lot of tiny gummy bears that's about it. I'm pretty easy LOL.

So let's find out more about LONG OVERDUE, RIVER JEWEL RESORT, BOOK 3...

After fifteen years of serving the campus library, a scandal with one of its students leaves Olivia Milan unemployed. When her best friend leaves town for the weekend, Olivia takes the opportunity to head to the River Jewel Resort in search of a new job. However, what she finds when she arrives proves life can be stranger than fiction. Romance author, Matt Osgood, has been in love with the same woman for a very long time, but he knows she’ll never return his feelings. Years of going to the River Jewel Resort have allowed him to live out his every fantasy. Still, he aches for a real emotional connection to the woman he loves. Can the River Jewel Resort make fantasy become a reality for Olivia and Matt? Or will they run in opposite directions when confronted with the truth?

Want to read an excerpt? It's pretty tasty...

“I’ve only been going up there for a few months now, but I’ve seen incredible things.” “Such as?” Olivia shivered as a breeze blew across her back. “You’ll think I’m crazy.” Matt turned away, and took a giant breath. “I could never think you were crazy. You should know me better than that.” He paused a moment and seemed to be gauging his next words carefully. “Olivia, I wish I could explain it to you.” He shook his head. “It’s something you have to see for yourself. All I know is, a lot of miserable people go through those doors and only happy people come back out. Everything people have been saying about it is true.” “Don’t tell me you believe the hype?” Matt shrugged. “I’ve seen things even you wouldn’t believe. I didn’t tell you because I wanted to make sure the stories were true.” “Oh? What kind of stories?” Matt reached for her hand and led her down the cement boat launch that led to the floating dock. After they were seated on the aged, wooden planks, he started trying to verbalize his experiences. “Olivia, that place is magical. That’s the only way I can think of to describe it.” She had never seen such an enthralled look in Matt’s eyes before. There was something new and lively about him when he spoke of the River Jewel Resort. In fact, his eyes reminded her of the hot, summer nights when moonlight would dance across the small waves of the Ohio, glittering like a million floating diamonds. “Well, it must be something special if you, an incredibly talented romance author can’t think of anything better than ‘magical’. I can see it in your eyes. It’s just a resort. I’m sure with the kind of money they charge, they must have one helluva spa and massage salon, but magic? Really? And if everyone is so happy when they leave, why haven’t you found anyone who makes you happy yet?” Matt laughed. “Yeah, the salon is amazing and what makes you think I haven’t found my happiness? I can sit on the gambling boat and have my pick of any available woman. In fact, it’s become my favorite place lately. When I walk on that boat, it’s almost as if they are there to serve me and only me.” “Oh, wow!” Olivia tossed her head back laughing “You, my friend are hot, but I think you might be getting a bit of a big head.” Matt wiggled his eyebrows and nudged her with his elbow. “I know how it sounds, but I’m serious. You have to experience it for yourself.” She ruffled Matt’s already unruly brown hair and looped her arm through his. “I’m glad you’re having a great time, Matt. You deserve it.” “What about you? If anyone needs to find happiness, it’s you. You’ve been alone for too long, Olivia. You have a huge heart, you’re smart, beautiful and kind. Instead of wasting all of that on temporary lovers you should be married to someone fabulous and having lots of smart, beautiful babies. Someone who truly loves you for you.” Olivia knew he meant well, but she just wasn’t ready. Besides, who would want her now? Star of the latest town scandal, plus being officially unemployed, her reputation didn’t exactly scream, “Pick me! I’ll rock your world!” Besides, if she couldn’t find the nerve to tell the man she truly loved that she loved him, what was the point of looking for anyone else? “Sometime.” “You always say that. I love you and I feel it’s my duty to be honest with you. Get over it. Ever since Randy died, you’ve had a wall up and all you’ve done is float from guy to guy, mostly at the library.” “So? They need my help. Besides, I’m good at what I do.” “Sweetheart, it’s time to let go of the past and open up your heart. Make your own happy ending. Every guy out there isn’t worthless. Yes, you’ve met a few assholes, and yes, you’ve been hurt. But I think you do it to yourself. Don’t be angry. I understand, I really do. The pain you’ve been feeling, the emptiness, it means you’re alive. I get it. This bravado you show to the world isn’t a flaw. You’ve had a lot to cope with, but it’s time to find that one in a million soulmate instead of hooking up with people you have no intention of ever loving, for random quickies on campus. Whether you admit it or not, you know I’m right. Now, let’s get you home so you can clean your house. Again.” He rolled his eyes and Matt’s lips slid into that mischievous grin that filled her with a longing to kiss him senseless. They laughed, falling into step with each other as Matt wrapped his arm around her shoulders and Olivia sent up a silent prayer that someday he’d want her by his side forever.

Still want to know more about Madison?

Romance author, Madison Sevier began her writing career at Secret Cravings Publishing in 2002. Her days are spent homeschooling her daughter and doing the bookkeeping for her husband's business. at night, she gets to become someone else, creating characters who work their way into the hearts and minds of romance readers everywhere.

Being a Gemini, Madison is known for doing whatever strikes her fancy at any given moment. Some of her favorite hobbies include; hiking, animal rescue, writing, reading, baking, horseback riding, coffee tasting, and she's a huge NASCAR fan.

Living in what everyone calls 'Kentuckiana' she's found the perfect paradise to allow her stories to come to life. Against the backdrop of the Ohio River and surrounding hillsides, she never knows where a new romance will come from. But you can be sure you're going to hear about it.

She loves hearing from her readers and meeting new ones. Feel free to contact Madison at or through her blog


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